Machine Learning is regular computer science

If AI is becoming the compiler in information system design, as I have argued many times before, then machine learning is becoming a central component of computer science. For me this has been a natural view of the future, but with the three godfathers of Machine Learning winning the Turing Award this is echoed by the industry at large. This is a sign whose importance is hard to overestimate. Since, in the future information systems will increasingly be built from semantic descriptions of intent and requirements. Which means that the profession of what is now a programmer will change dramatically. Although I am increasingly convinced this is the future computer science, I also understand that it will still take a while before it reaches every crook and nanny of the field of computer science. Programmers don't have to fear their jobs just yet. And many of the current crop of frameworks will still be around for the coming years. But the general direction is getting clearer and clearer and it will benefit us all. Even if it means some of us have to learn new skills and forget old ones.