Hype cycle considered harmful

As mentioned in my previous post the downfall in popularity of blockchains is considered to be perfectly in line with Gartner's well-known Hype Cycle. But there are so many fundamental problems with it that it's dangerous to assume a bright future of your technology of choice solely on applying the hype cycle 'theory'. The most obvious one, as pointed out here as well, is that by far the vast majority of technologies fail, despite the fact that they went through a period of hype (being aroused interest). After the hype they just die. It is incredible naive to think every technology will pick up steam again after it has lost interest from the general public. Besides that many successful technologies never go through a 'through of disillusionment'. Just as many technologies never become a hype while still becoming extremely successful in the long run. Sure, a few technologies followed Gartner's Hype Curve perfectly, but most didn't. So predicting every technology will follow the curve is misleading and could be harmful.