Rules, data, answers. How AI flips the flow.

As I said here, AI is becoming the new compiler. This will have immense consequences for the industry building digital information systems/environments. The most important, and most fundamental, change this will bring about is that the design and implementation of information systems will become one step that can be done by domain experts in the language they are comfortable with. It is basically a move up the abstraction ladder empowering domain experts and removing the age old gap between them and the software developer. I just realised that there is a simple way to express the fundamental difference between the way we used to build information systems, and the way AI enables us to do in the future:

data + rules = answers
data + answers = rules
The nice thing is that since you start with the answers you are looking for, you get a complete new way of expressing yourself. Instead of expressing the rules (in other words, programming as we know it), you express the answer. Since AI can extract your intent from that expression, you get a completely new way of building information systems. This won't of course overnight change the way you build your webshops, but the direction is clear. And now you have a clear way of explaining the difference to others as well.